Two Bedroom Wheelchair Accessible Apartment

Well appointed 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment. Specifically setup for disabled use. Please note this apartment has no shower screens or hobs and bathrooms are fitted with grab rails and shower chair. These apartments have a pool view.

Duration of stay
Description Max. Qty. Price Qty. Total
2 night stay 2 $AUD340.00 $
3 night stay 2 $AUD430.00 $
4 night stay 2 $AUD580.00 $
5 night stay 2 $AUD720.00 $
6 night stay 2 $AUD870.00 $
7 night stay but pay for 5! 2 $AUD720.00 $
Terms and Conditions

Voucher to be used within 12 months of purchase. Not redeemable for cash but are transferable.

Total cost: $

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